My command line setup with Fish

Posted on August 29, 2014 by Stefan Bleibinhaus

In this post I am describing my terminal and shell setup under Mac OS X. It uses the combination of iTerm2 and Fish enhanced by a few selected plugins and scripts namely oh-my-fish , autojump and bd . iTerm2 is a powerful replacement of Terminal , while Fish is an interactive and user friendly modern shell.

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My Vim setup for Scala

Posted on August 31, 2013 by Stefan Bleibinhaus (updated April 24, 2014)

In this post, I give an overview of my current Vim setup. I use Vim as my main editor for text files, among them also code and especially Scala code. The post introduces the Vim plugins I use, my .vimrc configuration file and shows a way to combine Vim with Eclipse using Eclim . This post had a major update in January 2014. It has inspired a vim-scala-setup project available on Github.

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